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witness the sacred adams peak by air

2019 06 11

Witness the sacred Adam's Peak by Air

Package No: FSP/004

 “Sri Paada” (Sacred Footprint) or Adam’s Peak Mountain is situated in the South West corner of the central mountain region. Buddhists believe that Load Buddha, during his third visit to Sri Lanka has placed his footprint on the summit of this sacred Mountain. The mountain is also named as Samanala Kanda (Butterfly Mountain).

The annual Sri Paada (Adam’s Peak) pilgrimage season runs from Unduwap full moon day (December) to Wesak full moon day (May). At this time, there is a constant stream of pilgrims & the top can get very crowded. Though it takes around 5+ hours to climb 5,000+ stairs to reach the peak at 2,243 meters (7,359 feet) high over 5 kms by foot, devotees climb the mountain to invoke blessings.

Adam’s Peak is a part of Central Highlands where Horton Plains National Park and Knuckles Range lies in and pronounced as a World Heritage Site in 2011. Surrounded by wilderness Sanctuary and forested hills Adam’s Peak is Sri Lanka’s 4th highest mountain.

Fly to Adam's Peak and circle around the mountain to get the memorable experience of 90 minutes.

Special notes

  • Scenic basis flights could be arranged between 0800 hrs and 1200 hrs upon weather conditions acceptable to the Pilot in Command & Subject to the availability of slots clearance.


  1. Clients are requested to bring passport and for Sri Lankans - National Identity cards for the tour.
  2. The package is subject to weather conditions at the origin, en-route or the destination.
  3. Fly Sri Lanka, flight operations or the pilot reserves the right to advance the timings mentioned on the tour due to clause 2
  4. Flight/ ticket reservation and the full payment to be done 24 hours before flight time

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