the mount of remembrance

The mount of remembrance

Package No: FSP/004


Sigiriya Rock Fortress is most probably the best-known site in Sri Lanka, and is an archaeological goldmine. Built by the paranoid king Kashyapa, its mysteries have not yet been deciphered, and the amount of engineering and architectural knowhow needed to transform a granite monolith into a livable fortress, which also acted as his royal palace, is truly amazing. Sigiriya is also famous for its paintings, and the mirror wall.

We provide a unique way to visit Sigiriya. We pick you up from your hotel (within 20km of Colombo) and take you to Ratmalana Airport, where you will depart for Sigiriya. The iconic monolith will come into view from a great distance away, and you will get a magnificent view of the rock fortress from above. You will be able to visit Sigiriya, and climb all the way to the top.

After the visit to Sigiriya, lunch and refreshments will follow, and then you will get to visit yet another ancient wonder the Golden Temple at Dambulla, one of the oldest cave temples in Sri Lanka.

A quick snack break follows, and then back to Colombo you go, with great memories, and a sense of awe at Sri Lanka's ancient civilisation.



  • 0630hrs  - Pickup from the hotel and transfer to Rathmalana airport

  • 0730hrs  - Departure from Rathmalana

  • 0830hrs  - Arrival to Sigiriya visit to Sigiriya rock (3 hours)

  • 1200hrs  - Lunch and refresh at a hotel

  • 1300hrs  - Dambulla city tour including the rock cave temple

  • 1530hrs  - Snack break

  • 1600hrs  - Departure from sigiriya to Rathmalana air port 
                      On arrival drop off to the hotel

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