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overnight to the rock palace

2019 06 11

Overnight to the Rock Palace
Package No: FSP/008
A UNESCO listed World Heritage site, Sigiriya is a proof of ancient urban planning. King Kasyapa (477-495 CE) built his palace on the top of 200 meters high rock and decorated its mirror wall with colorful frescoes. A very high architecture technology used in Water gardens, Boulder gardens and Terraced gardens which amaze even the modern architectures.

Between September - October, the famous elephant gathering occurs in Kaudulla National Park which contains with many water channels spreading throughout its 6656 hectares of land. Several months of the year, 2/3 of the park goes under water due to these large water bodies. 23 species of mammals, 160 species of birds can be seen during Kaudulla safari.

The best time to visit 8,890 hectares of Minneriya Rainwater Reservoir is from May to October during the famous elephant gathering. 24 species of mammals, 170 species of birds, 9 species of amphibians, 25 species of reptiles can be seen during Minneriya safari.  

Hot Air Ballooning is an adventure activity between November to April which floats with the breeze 1000-2000 feet above with the view of spectacular sunrise across the Kandalama tank, the fishermen beneath, the mountains, the green forests, the Golden Buddha sitting majestically on one end and Sigiriya on the other.

Schedule Day 1

  • 0830 hrs - Pick up from the hotel within 20 km radius in Colombo
  • 1000 hrs - Departure from Colombo International Airport
  • 1030 hrs - Arrival at Sigiriya airport and transfer to the Hotel
  • 1500 hrs - Safari at Minneriya or Kaudulla National Park (Optional)

Schedule Day 2

  • 0500 hrs - Hot Air Ballooning activity in Kandalama / Dambulla city tour (Optional)
  • 0900 hrs - After breakfast visit Sigiriya Rock Fortress
  • 1220 hrs - Transfer to Sigiriya Airport
  • 1250 hrs - Transfer to hotel in Colombo


  1. Clients are requested to bring passport and for Sri Lankans - National Identity cards for the tour.
  2. The package is subject to weather conditions at the origin, en-route or the destination.
  3. Fly Sri Lanka, flight operations or the pilot reserves the right to advance the timings mentioned on the tour due to clause 2
  4. Tour is designed to maximize the visits to places of interests and client is responsible to adhere to same. Such delays will be the responsibility of the clients and alteration to the tour is not the responsibility of Fly Sri Lanka.
  5. Fly Sri Lanka does not take responsibility for delays caused by traffic during ground transportation (by vehicle)
  6. Flight/ ticket reservation and the full payment to be done 24 hours before flight time
  7. In case the tour is canceled voluntarily by the client: -
  • Before 7 days -  USD 200.00
  • Before 5 days - 25% of the cost of the package
  • Before 2 days - 50% of the cost of the package
  • Within 48 hours - 100%


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