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2019 06 11



These General terms and conditions apply to the chartering of aircraft through ‘Fly Lanka (Pvt) Ltd., (hereinafter called as ‘FlySrilanka’) by any individual person, company or firm (hereinafter called as ‘Client’) to the exclusion of all other terms, conditions, warrants and representations, except any specifically agreed between the parties in writing.



    1. The Aircraft shall mean any aircraft which is the subject of a booking and other charter agreement between ‘FlySrilanka’ and the ‘Client’.

    2. FlySrilanka shall mean facilitator of the chartered aircraft and any of its staff or assigns.

    3. The Charter Price shall mean the charter confirmed by FlySriLanka in accordance with paragraph 2 of these terms and conditions.

    4. The Flight Schedule shall mean the designated places of departure, arrival and any stopping points as well as any departure and arrival times agreed between FlySrilanka and the Client as part of the charter, together with any amendment or additions made during the course of the charter as agreed between FlySrilanka and client.


    1. Both FlySrilanka and the client will be bound by these terms and conditions, subject to the confirmation from the carrier that the aircraft is still available to carry out the flight schedule.

    2. The booking is confirmed only when client makes the payment to ‘FlySrilanka’ by credit card, bank transfer or cash.

    3. Flights are operated with necessary authorizations, including permission to take off and landing unless special circumstances prevail.


    1. Flysrilanka will provide an Aircraft for the client, fully manned, fueled and equipped to carry out the required flight set out in the confirmed charter. Flysrilanka may substitute alternate carriers or aircraft reasonably suitable for the charter without liability.

    2. As part of the charter, Flysrilanka will provide specifically what is agreed in writing. Any additional services required by the client must be paid for separately, not limited to communication costs, limousine, coach transfers, additional catering and any other service costs.

    3. Flysrilanka through the facilitator reserves the irrevocable right at any time to refuse to allow the Client or any of the passengers on board should this be deemed necessary, for whatever reasons, including but not limited to, their behavior, and to charge the client any costs related to the clients or any of its passengers behavior which causes financial loss, such costs including but not limited to crew and pilot expenses (such as refreshments and accommodation), damages to the aircraft and other costs resulting from delays to the Flight Schedule caused by any such behavior.


    1. The carrier reserves the right to delay, extend, reschedule or cancel a flight for operational reasons - bad weather, VVIP movements or other similar situations beyond the immediate control of the carrier. Carrier shall not, in any circumstances whatsoever be liable or responsible in respect to any inaccuracy, misdescription, detention, delay, loss, damage, sickness, additional expenses or injury, and of whatever kind occurring to any passenger, property, or baggage at any time.

    2. In the case of voluntary cancellation, a management fee of USD 200.00 will be charged. Such cancellation should be received 72 hours prior to the actual date charter is booked.

    3. If clients decide to cancel the flights (charter/schedule) within 72 hours of the actual date 50% cancellation charges shall apply.

    4. In the case of cancelation of flights (charter/schedule) due to unavoidable circumstances such as weather conditions at the origin, en-route or destination a management fee of USD 200.00 applies and balance amount will be refunded. Fly Sri Lanka will not be responsible for bank charges or the exchange applied by the banks.

    5. If a cancellation occurs whilst the aircraft is airborne to pick the clients due to clause 4.4 applicable flying charges will be charged on pro-rata basis and balance payment will be returned to the client.

    6. Fly Sri Lanka shall charge total amount of the charter/schedule cost in case aircraft reaches the location to pick up the clients when clause 4.4 applies. In such cases Fly Sri Lanka shall provide alternative options (e.g.: - ground transportation) depending on the availability.

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