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2019 06 11


Can I book a domestic air transfer for any given time?
As per the regulation of the Civil Aviation Authority, all domestic flights are operated during daylight hours which is from (0700hrs to 1700hrs.)

Will Fly Sri Lanka arrange ground transfers if required?
Yes,. this can be done. However, it depends on the location and distance between airport to pick up/drop off site. This will be done at an additional cost and the price will be notified to the passenger in advance.

Does helicopter land anywhere?

Take off and landing of the helicopter in any location is subjected to ground clearance and approval of the local authorities. Fly Sri Lanka will do required logistical arrangements in advance to make it a hassle-free experience for the passengers..

Is there a luggage policy for domestic flights?

Yes, there is.

What is the luggage policy when I book a domestic flight?

Luggage will be subjected to the gross weight of the aircraft.
eg: fuel, the weight of passengers, space & size of the luggage etc.

What happens if I am unable to take luggage with me? Is there a cost?

Fly Sri Lanka will offer to transfer the luggage by ground and have it delivered to the client at the destination. However, all costs associated with this ground transfer will have to be borne by the client.

Do infants get discounts for domestic scheduled flights? What is the percentage?

Discounts are applicable depending on the domestic flight operator/s. The discount percentage varies between from 20% - 30% for infants up to 2 years of age.

What information should I provide to book the flights?

Name in Full, Nationality, passport / ID number to confirm schedule/ Charter flights.

Can expectant mothers travel onboard?

Since international flight rules for expectant mothers who are traveling applies in domestic flights,. a doctors certificate is required to confirm her fitness to travel.

In the case of bad weather, if the flight is canceled will we get a refund?
Flights will not operate during rain, thunderstorms or other circumstances which are unavoidable at the point of origin, en-route or at the destination. The client will be offered an alternative method of transportation and cost will be deducted from the initial amount paid whilst the balance will be refunded to the client excluding the management fee.

What is the capacity of passengers?

Subject to aircraft type, the number of passengers in aircraft will vary. Additionally, the passenger limit applies for high altitude and water aerodrome locations in the country.

Can we carry pets on board?

Due to safety reasons, animals are not allowed in aircraft.

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