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2019 06 11

About Fly Sri Lanka

Welcome to flysrilanka, where we offer the best inland air travel, flight packages and flight options within Sri Lanka. We will take care of all booking facilities and travel inquiries and suggest the best form of inland air travel to suit your individual needs- be it personal travel or corporate travel or even simply an aerial tour of Sri Lanka. Fly Sri Lanka is yet another brand by Eco Team, Sri Lanka's premier, game changing tourism company. With more than a decade of unmatched service, Eco Team has also been recognized and celebrated at the Presidential Tourism Awards.

Under the guidance of its parent company Eco Team Fly Sri Lanka is also committed to conducting  business in a carbon conscious manner, and is a contributor towards Eco Team's environmental policies and codes of conduct. We are the first to offer carbon emission offset schemes for inland air passengers in Sri Lanka. Fly Sri Lanka also lives up to Eco Team's promise of quality, offering only the very best air travel partners in Sri Lanka that guarantee experienced crews and the best aircrafts.

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