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Emergency Medical Evacuation Service Sri Lanka

Emergency Medical Evacuation

We offer a comprehensive service in emergency medical evacuation in Sri Lanka. Other than offering just the air transfer, our services include transporting the patient from the accident venue to the helicopter take- off point and from the landing point to the hospital as well. "We coordinate with the closest and best medical care available and make sure that the patient is offered the best care!"


special events

Special Events

Chose a peculiar way of arriving at/ departing from your special event venue. Celebrate your Wedding, Pre-shoot, Puberty Ceremony, Birthday, Anniversary, Surprise event or any other special occasion in style. Book one of our air-conditioned helicopter with comfy seating to make your day more colourful with an added WOW to your event .. !!.

Fly through the air and see your loved ones - well wishers from above. Make your event memorable to all attendees and be the topic among all. Our well experienced crew will ensure the safety and comfort of your trip without a hitch.

*** We operate only during daytime due to safety concerns.



Paramotoring Sri Lanka

Birds are not the only Flyers !!

Paramotoring is the newest and latest development in ultra light foot-launched air sports in Sri Lanka. This is an exhilarating yet simple way to aviate, also being the easiest powered aircraft you can learn to fly.

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